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Digital Ascendant (progresssive marketers)
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Retail Media Network (tba)
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who we are:
extraordinary engaged influential groups of
retail + media + marketing leaders who meet regularly to help each other succeed

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the professional development 

of exceptional individual leaders

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world’s most prominent + progressive
marketing executives

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- F500 digital pioneers driving the transformation of marketing
- VP to C-Suite -- marketers controlling budgets of $10M to $100s
- Heads of marketing, media, brand, digital, content, analytics, etc.
- Peers who lean into helping each other optimize marketing + business outcomes
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transformative change agents
spearheading seamless commerce

who joins?

- NRF 1000 retail execs shaping the future of shopping + commerce (+ scaled DTC)
From VP to C-Suite -- leaders controlling budgets of $10M to $100s
- GMs or business heads, omni-channel, ecomm, media, marketing, customer, digital, CX
- Peers supporting peers to drive omni-channel growth + seamless CX
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