Justin Choi, CEO, Nativo
“The value of the Digital Ascendant goes beyond your typical "contacts and content"- you become part of a like-minded community that fosters deeper connections and real relationships.”

PICTURED: Dan Bishop, SVP, Global Mobile & Digital Marketing, Citi

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best-in-class publisher, tech + agency-side companies enjoy a rare level
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annual council membership:

be part of the inner circle setting priorities
a) nominated individuals (yes, sell-side too) help guide the communities — these are prestigious  annual memberships for your leaders; typically CEOs, CROs, CMOs, SVPs, heads of industry

b) access to all events, including private council-only meetings

c) limited sellside seats delivers a harmonious sell + buy-side balance

d) annual memberships start at $21,500

event sponsorships:

get in front of big buyers + decision-makers
a) nominated partners — market leaders + innovative companies driving competitive advantage

b) co-present with your clients at semi-annual gatherings

c) only a handful of event-specific leadership + branding opportunities

d) sponsorships start at $17,500

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2023 council membership starts at $19,500 + sponsorship starts at $15,500.

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